Discover tags and how to utilize them in WordPress

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world, with millions of websites using it. WordPress’s versatility and extensive range of features allow users to develop professional and effective websites. Using tags to optimize content and increase the efficacy of a WordPress website is a critical component of the development and management process. Let’s look at tags and how to utilize them in WordPress in this post from

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What is Tag?

Tags are brief phrases or words that describe the content of a post or webpage. They are used to make it easier for readers to locate stuff that interests them. When you add tag to a post or website, they show at the bottom of the page. Readers who click on them are routed to additional blogs or websites that have the same tag.


  • Facilitate Easy information Discovery: By using precisely descriptive tag, readers may easily identify information that interests them.
  • Increase Website Traffic: You may attract more readers and increase traffic to your website by employing relevant tag.
  • Improve SEO Ranking: Tag are very important in improving SEO for a website. Using the right tag might help your website rank higher in search engines.
  • generate Links Between connected material: Using tag that are connected to one another helps to generate links between articles and websites with comparable material, so improving the overall linking of the website.

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Classifying and sorting tags in WordPress

In WordPress, you can classify and organize tag in various ways. Here are some methods to classify and sort tag in WordPress:

  • By topic: Classify tag based on topics, such as “fashion,” “culinary,” “travel,” etc.
  • By popularity: Arrange tag by popularity, from most used to least used.
  • By time: Sort tag based on the time they were created, from newest to oldest.
  • Alphabetically: Organize tag alphabetically.

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Using tags in WordPress

Adding tags to a website

  • When creating or editing a post, locate the “Tags” section on the right.
  • Enter the tag you want, separating them with commas.
  • Press Enter or click “Add” to save the tag.

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Adding tags to a post

  • For published posts, add or edit tag by navigating to “Posts” in the admin page.
  • Find the post you want to edit and click “Edit.”
  • Add or edit tag following the same steps as above.

Creating tag categories

  • Go to the “Tags” section in the admin page.
  • Enter the new tag name in the “Name” field.
  • Click “Add New Tag” to create the new tag.

Displaying tags with widgets

  • Add Tag Cloud Widget
  • Navigate to “Appearance” and select “Widgets.”
  • Drag and drop the “Tag Cloud” widget to the desired sidebar or widgetized area.

Configuring tag cloud widget 

In the widget configuration window, set the title, limit the number of displayed tag, and choose the display style.

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Viewing posts by tag

  • On the admin page: Go to “Posts” and select “Tags” to see a list of tag along with the related post count.
  • On the website: When users click on a tag, WordPress will display all posts related to that tag.

Using plugins for tag management in WordPress

In addition to WordPress’s built-in tag functions, plugins may be used for more efficient tag administration. These plugins provide additional functionality to help you handle tag more quickly and efficiently.

Simple Tag, Tag Groups, and WP Term Order are three popular WordPress tag management plugins.

Optimizing tags in WordPress

  • Use descriptive tag for your article or website content: Use tag that correctly describe the content of your article or website to attract the appropriate and relevant audience.
  • Use popular and regularly searched tag: Using popular and extensively searched tag increases the probability that your website will appear in search results.
  • Use tag that are linked to one another: Using tag that are related to one another helps develop links between posts and websites with comparable information, so improving the interconnectivity of your website.
  • Avoid tag that are too lengthy or too short: Tag that are too long or too short may be useless in optimizing content and may confuse readers.
  • Avoid using duplicate tag: Using duplicate tag not only makes your website seem untidy, but it also has an impact on the usefulness of the tag.

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Is there a limit to the number of tags?

WordPress does not restrict the amount of tags you may use in a post or on your website. You may add up to 1,000 tags, however the aim of tags is to help connect similar postings. Each tag functions as a keyword, allowing people to discover your content more easily.

Uncover the Magic of Tags and Maximize Their Potential in WordPress group buy

Tag assist visitors search the website, and some plugins show similar posts using tag to help readers discover the subjects of linked articles. Although there is no set restriction, recommends restricting the amount of tag per post to a maximum of 10, since it is not advisable to abuse tag.

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Tags are an important element in WordPress that help in content optimization and website connection. Using proper and effective tag may boost a website’s search engine rating and attract a wider audience. To successfully handle tag in WordPress, you may also alter the tag display interface and use plugins. Use the information offered by to optimize tag for your website and improve content connection. Wishing you success!