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Some Questions Before Join US

Group buying, also known as collective buying, offers products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase.

- First, we will list product Here as people request & Collect Money From other peoples.

- Sec,Once enough moneys from customer, we will buy products From Developer.

- Then, we deliver to all Joiners.

You will get Products by Download.Once you finish payment to us and get confirm. You will get download Links inside your Account

Here is our currently accept payment

  1. Paypal : Manual Payment.We just accept it for legal products that we have Whitelabel/Reseller/Agency Licenses.Dont ask for ilegal Product if you want it, you know why.
  2. Crypto Currency : Auto Payment via coinpayment.We accept popular coin like BTC,BCH,BSV,ETH,ETC,LTC,BAT,USDC,ZEC,ZRX,Stellar,Dash,DOGE,XRP.Suggest use CoinBase.com to get coin with cheap price by paypal,creditcard - They are support 30 Countries.
  3. Skrill : Semi-Auto Payment.UK Company with World Wide Support.Similar PP.
  4. PayOneer : Semi-Auto Payment.US Company with World Wide Support.Just For >50$ Payment.
  5. Webmoney : Semi-Auto Payment.Russia Company that support all countries banned by paypal.
  6. PayEER : Semi-Auto Payment.Georgia Company with World Wide Support.
  7. Netteller : Semi-Auto Payment.Canada Company with World Wide Support.
  8. PerfectMoney : Auto Payment.Switzerland Company with World Wide Support.
  9. AdvCash : Semi-Auto Payment.Belize Company with 200 countries Support.
  10. EPay : Semi-Auto Payment.Chinese Company with World Wide Support.
  11. Paysera : Semi-Auto Payment.Lithuanian Company with 70 Countries Support.
  12. Exmo Code : Semi-Auto Payment.It is very popular Trading Platform.You can use Visa/Master card to Fund and get Your Code.
  13. Visa/Master Card : Auto directly.You can link your card to 1 of services above to pay.All Support Card.

We do Group Buy That mean need number People join before buy products.

So you must wait other people join also.

Time maybe 1-2 weeks or longer depend people like or not.

You can click Details of Each Products to See Deliver Status of Them.

After 90 Days, If you not get delivered, Your order will be convert to our store credit to buy anything esle (+10% extra bonus).

You will also get refund or exchange to other product/similar product as you like.

Accept Refund if product not work or can not deliver.

We not offer refund if you not like product, not happy with product, product not like your imagine,used product for longtime then want to refund.

Dont eat pizza then want money back, dont used shoes for longtime then want to refund.Read More our ReFund Policy.

- If Products problem, Capture screenshot/Video to us.We will forward to developer to fix it.

- If impossible sloved, we will exchange to other product. With Annual Product, we will refund or exchange by subtract times that you used.

- If used product for 1 or few years then not work.we will try to contact developer to fix it.But if some bad developers keep money and run, we will try to exchange other product for you.

We are try to work hard and support all people but we can not make all happy 100%

Thanks For You are here and belive US for longtime.

While working,we meet someone like & we will not support :

- People buy 1 but want to exchange to 10 Products.
- People who steal our products then ask refund.
- People fake payment to get our products.
- People always ask refund,can not wait for waiting product.Dont Pay.Wasted our Time.

Thanks For Understand
David Green - RankMarket

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