How to use WordPress Manager for efficient website management?

WordPress has long been regarded as an essential tool for developing and maintaining websites. WordPress provides users with flexibility and ease by providing hundreds of free themes and plugins. In this article, will show you how to utilize WordPress for website administration in an effective manner, covering everything from generating articles and uploading multimedia to exploiting different features and supporting plugins.

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What is Wordpress?

WordPress is a free, open-source, and simple Content Management System (CMS). This implies that people with no programming or web design experience may quickly develop and maintain website content. WordPress offers dozens of free themes and plugins, enabling users to tailor their websites to their own interests and requirements. It is a robust and adaptable website management platform that can be used to administer any sort of website, from personal blogs to company websites.

Using WordPress to manage your website

The first step in managing a WordPress website is to log in to the WordPress admin page. After successfully logging in, the dashboard will display the primary areas, which include posts, pages, media, comments, appearance, plugins, users, and settings.

To make a new post, go to “Posts” -> “Add New” and input the title as well as the content. Similarly, to create a new page, go to “Pages” -> “Add New” and provide the necessary information. You may add photographs or movies by going to “Media” -> “Add New.”

Benefits of using WordPress Manager

Using WordPress for website administration has several advantages.

To begin, because of its flexibility and ease of modification, you may choose from a variety of free themes and plugins to change the design of the website without the need for technical experience.

Second, WordPress is constantly updated, which provides substantial security advantages. This helps to safeguard the website and guarantees that your platform is always secure.

Furthermore, WordPress has a strong user community that provides a wealth of online help and documentation. This boosts your problem-solving ability and your website management performance.

Finally, the breadth and depth of WordPress capabilities make it simple to optimize your website, from producing content to uploading photos and videos, all while maximizing the user experience in a flexible and efficient way.

Guidelines for using WordPress Manager to manage your website

Step 1: Accessing WordPress Manager

Firstly, navigate to cPanel under the SOFTWARE section and search for and open the WordPress Manager application.

How to use WordPress Manager for efficient Website management? group buy

Afterward, you will see a list of currently installed websites in the Current Installations section. However, only websites installed through Softaculous will be displayed here. Manually installed websites will not appear:

  • WordPress Icon: Used to view information and manage the website.
  • Three Computer Icons: Staging WordPress function.
  • File Icon: Copy website (Clone website).
  • Pen Icon: Edit website information.
  • Trash Can Icon: Delete WordPress website.

How to use WordPress Manager for efficient Website management? group buy

Step 2: Managing WordPress website with WordPress Manager

1. Directly log in to WordPress through WordPress Manager

With WordPress Manager, you no longer need to remember your WordPress password or access wp-admin through the browser. Instead, you can log in directly to WordPress through this application. 

On the Topbar, simply click on the WordPress icon to access it.

How to use WordPress Manager for efficient Website management? group buy

Alternatively, you can choose the desired website, click on “Login”,  and the system will automatically take you to the administration page of that website.

How to use WordPress Manager for efficient Website management? group buy

2. Change the WordPress admin password

At this interface, click on “Change Password” to quickly change the admin password.

How to use WordPress Manager for efficient Website management? group buy

A change interface will appear where you need to enter the username to be changed and the new password. Finally, click “Save” to apply the changes.

How to use WordPress Manager for efficient Website management? group buy

3. Update WordPress to the latest version

There are various ways to update WordPress, but if you’re using WordPress Manager, you can upgrade quickly and securely here. 

In the “Configuration” section, you’ll find website configuration information. Just click “Upgrade Now” to update to the latest version.

How to use WordPress Manager for efficient Website management? group buy

Then, click “Upgrade” to start the WordPress upgrade process.

4. Clone Website

Clone Website is one of WordPress’s most helpful and easy features. This function, designed to make copying easier, enables you to effortlessly clone a website and transfer its content and settings to a new website. To utilize the Clone Website function, go to the WordPress admin page and pick the Clone Website option. This feature gives a user-friendly interface for selecting individual website components to copy, ranging from posts and pages to settings and plugins.

Clone Website is useful when you need to construct a new website with a comparable structure or when you need to duplicate a test environment for development reasons. This saves you time and effort by allowing you to swiftly launch new projects without having to start from zero.

5. WordPress Staging

Staging is another essential WordPress function. You may use this feature to establish a fresh environment in which to modify your website without impacting the current version. After you’ve finished editing, you may quickly revert to the previous version. 

How to use WordPress Manager for efficient Website management? group buy

6. Some other additional features

In addition to the main features mentioned above, WordPress Manager also includes the following auxiliary features:

  • Auto upgrade WordPress plugins: Automatically upgrades plugins when a new version is available. You can enable or disable this feature by clicking on “Enabled” or “Disabled.”
  • Auto upgrade WordPress themes: Automatically upgrades themes when a new version is available. You can enable or disable this feature by clicking on “Enabled” or “Disabled.”
  • Search engine visibility: Controls the display on search engines, accessible in the Settings section of WordPress.
  • WordPress cron (wp-cron.php): Automatically schedules tasks for WordPress. You can enable or disable this feature by clicking on “Enabled” or “Disabled.”
  • Debug mode: Displays website logs when errors occur.
  • Website URL: Allows you to directly edit the website URL.
  • Site name: Enables direct editing of the website name.
  • Database details: Checks the website’s database name and allows direct access to phpMyAdmin by clicking on “View Database.”
  • Website cloning: A powerful and useful feature of WordPress that allows you to clone a website to create a new one.
  • WordPress staging: Allows you to create a new environment for editing the website without affecting the current one.
  • Remove WordPress: This feature allows you to uninstall WordPress from Softaculous, retaining data if deletion options are not selected.
  • Uninstall: Lets you remove a WordPress website from the cPanel system and delete all related data.
  • Create Theme and Plugin sets: Allows you to create a repository of themes and plugins for use across multiple websites.
  • Add Plugins and Themes to the set: You can add plugins and themes from the library to the set you’ve created on the website.

Effective WordPress assistance tools

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In this article, has accompanied you in exploring effective ways to manage a website on WordPress. Using the WordPress Manager to administer your website is not only a wise decision, but it is also a necessary step in ensuring efficiency and flexibility in the online content management process. WordPress’s versatility, along with sophisticated administration capabilities, makes it simple for users to develop, amend, and maintain websites. Follow the procedures recommended by for your website. Wishing you success!