Is PiPiAds the best TikTok ads spy tool? Let’s find out in this PiPiAds Review!

What is PiPiAds?

PiPiADS Review 2022 - Still Best #1 TikTok Ad Spy Tool ?
PiPiADS Review - Still Best #1 TikTok Ad Spy Tool ? 9
PiPiAds is an “all-in-one TikTok dropshipping solution, providing real TikTok winning products.” With PiPiAds, you can find the highest quality ads on TikTok, as well as winning dropshipping products. It’s a bold claim to call yourself an all-in-one TikTok dropshipping solution… Let’s continue this PiPiAds review by diving deeper into their TikTok ad spy tool.

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PiPiADS Review – PiPiAds Features

PiPiADS Review - Still Best #1 TikTok Ad Spy Tool ? group buy
PiPiADS Review - Still Best #1 TikTok Ad Spy Tool ? 10
This is PiPiAds main feature. Essentially, it’s a search engine for TikTok advertising. If you’re looking for something specific, like a lucrative niche, you can search for keywords and adjust the filters to match your needs. Just looking for the best TikTok ads? Simply sort by Ad Impressions to look at only the high-quality ads. If you’re looking for ad strategies for your dropshipping business, I recommend sorting by e-commerce platform and choosing Shopify. You can also go with no filters at all and just browse their inspiring ads collection.
PiPiADS Review - Still Best #1 TikTok Ad Spy Tool ? group buy
PiPiADS Review - Still Best #1 TikTok Ad Spy Tool ? 11
Find some creative video ads? Add it to your ads filters collection for easy viewing later on. As an e-commerce business owner, I love the Ad Search feature. I use it to find my competitor’s ads that they recently started testing, as well as which trending products are being actively scaled. Although ad copy isn’t THAT important for TikTok… I can also see what kind of ad copy is being used in my competitor ads, and test that for myself. If I’m currently scaling a product of my own, I can also search for the product to see competitors’ ads. This is one of my favorite features from this PiPiAds Review. This feature is very similar to their Ad Search, but it provides only dropshipping products like some other e-commerce tools do. Like the previous feature, you can search by keyword and add filters to match your needs. This is really easy to use and great for finding products to test.
PiPiADS Review - Still Best #1 TikTok Ad Spy Tool ? group buy
PiPiADS Review - Still Best #1 TikTok Ad Spy Tool ? 12
When filtering, you must choose the same country/region that you’re advertising in. The United States is by far the best place to advertise, as Americans love to spend money on things they don’t need. If you don’t live in the US, I recommend getting a VPN to make sure you can advertise in the US. Just scroll through to find one that looks promising. In just a few clicks, you can see which TikTok ad is being used for it.

Winning Products

PiPiADS Review - Still Best #1 TikTok Ad Spy Tool ? group buy
PiPiADS Review - Still Best #1 TikTok Ad Spy Tool ? 13
This is where things start to get a bit weird… This feature is almost the same thing as Product Search, but with no filters. You can still sort though… so that’s good. I guess the main difference here is that these are ALL winning products provided manually. Regardless, it’s still a great feature and I find it useful. If you’re looking for the hottest new products, sort by Release Date. If you’re looking for the most popular products, sort by Ad Impression. These can be good to look at for inspiration, but I wouldn’t recommend selling them as they’re some of the largest global TikTok ads by views… Meaning those products are already too saturated.
PiPiADS Review - Still Best #1 TikTok Ad Spy Tool ? group buy
PiPiADS Review - Still Best #1 TikTok Ad Spy Tool ? 14
This feature is great if you’ve already found a successful Shopify store and want to see what ads they’re running. Just copy and paste the domain to see their TikTok ads data. Sorting here is kind of useless because it mostly just brings up companies with massive brand exposure like Apple, Amazon, and Google.

Etsy Product

PiPiADS Review - Still Best #1 TikTok Ad Spy Tool ? group buy
PiPiADS Review - Still Best #1 TikTok Ad Spy Tool ? 15
Another odd feature… Even though this is a platform for TikTok ads, there is now a section for Etsy products. This is the same thing as their other features, but it’s for a different e-commerce platform (Etsy). This could be helpful for other businesses that sell on Etsy. But for us, not so much…

PPSPY Extension

PiPiADS Review - Still Best #1 TikTok Ad Spy Tool ? group buy
PiPiADS Review - Still Best #1 TikTok Ad Spy Tool ? 16
This is separate from their main PiPiAds TikTok ads spy tool. PPSPY is newer, with only 10 reviews on the Chrome Extension store. Where PiPiAds focuses solely on TikTok, PPSPY focuses on Shopify online store spying. If you find an online store with tons of e-commerce sales, you can see if they are doing any TikTok advertising and which ad strategies they’re using. You can also identify what their best selling products are, and which products they just added. The strategy I like to use is to build up a huge list of successful dropshipping stores and spy on them daily. I will then test out whichever products they’re testing, as they are most likely winning products.

PiPiADS Review – PiPiAds Pricing

PiPiAds pricing is not publicized by PiPiAds. You have to create an account and log in to view the price list.
PiPiADS Review - Still Best #1 TikTok Ad Spy Tool ? group buy
Pipiads Pricing
PiPiAds comes in three subscription plans: PiPiAds Starter, PiPiAds VIP, and PiPiAds PRO. PiPiAds Starter $77/m (paid monthly) or $54/m (paid annually)
  • The query results show 200 ads
  • 50 ad details per day
  • 50 product details per day
  • The query results show 50 advertiser
  • 50 advertiser details per day
  • Unlimited Winning Product
  • For 1 person
  • The best tool to start mining best opportunities for your e-commerce business.
PiPiAds VIP $155/m (paid monthly) or $128/m (paid annually)
  • The query results show 1000 ads
  • 200 ad details per day
  • 200 product details per day
  • The query results show 1000 advertiser
  • 200 advertiser details per day
  • Unlimited Winning Product
  • For 1 person
  • The essential tool for professionals, it’s a no brainer.
PiPiAds PRO $263/m (paid monthly) or $181/m (paid annually)
  • The query results show 3000 ads
  • 1000 ad details per day
  • 3000 product details per day
  • The query results show 3000 advertiser
  • 1000 advertiser details per day
  • Unlimited Winning Product
  • For 5 person
  • Multi-user, scale-up and sales expansion.

PiPiADS Review – PiPiAds Coupon Code

You can use the PiPiAds coupon code “MAX” for a free trial + 20% Off!

PiPiADS Review – PiPiAds Alternatives

Because dropshipping with TikTok ads is relatively new, there aren’t many PiPiAds alternatives. Some tools that share similarities are Peeksta, SellerCount, and Minea. Let’s review the most popular PiPiAds alternative to see which has the best TikTok ads spy tools.

PiPiADS Review – PiPiAds vs BigSpy

PipiAds Alternative
PipiAds Alternative
BigSpy is very similar to PiPiAds, as it’s a search engine for ads. BigSpy has many more social media platforms, with Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, and much more. BigSpy has a nice TikTok Ad spy tool, but after this PiPiAds Review, I think PiPiAds takes the cake.

PiPiAds Review: FAQ

Is PiPiAds legit? Yes. Despite the broken English, they are a legitimate business and TikTok ads spy tool.

Is there PiPiAds free trial?

Yes, there is a free trial for PiPiAds, but it’s minimal. You’ll have to buy a subscription to test it out thoroughly.

Can I get a PiPiAds discount?

You can get 20% off your PiPiAds subscription using my link and the discount code MAX!

Should I participate in a PiPiAds group buy? No, I don’t recommend a PiPiAds group buy. Any kind of group buy is sketchy and against the terms of service for most apps.

How accurate is their TikTok video ads data?

The video ads data PiPiAds provides is quite accurate and is accurate enough to be helpful.

Does PiPiAds have high quality ads material? While the TikTok advertising platform is relatively new, they do have a pretty inspiring ads collection. As advertising on TikTok gets more and more popular, PiPiAds will become more and more valuable.

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PiPiAds Review: Pros & Cons

PiPiAds Pros

  • Ad Library: PiPiAds has one of the largest databases of TikTok ads. Because of this, you’re able to find the best TikTok ads in existence. It also makes it easy to spy on your competitors’ TikTok video ads.
  • Filters: PiPiAds TikTok ads spy tool offers a wide range of filters and sorting capabilities. This makes it incredibly easy to research as you can find exactly what you want.
  • Winning Products: PiPiAds leverages its database to provide the best winning products for dropshipping. If you’re still in product research mode, this will help you find a winning product a lot faster and easier.

PiPiAds Cons

  • Cost: PiPiAds pricing is definitely on the more expensive side. The most popular plan I recommend is PiPiAds VIP which will cost you $155 per month.
  • UI/UX: Their website has numerous errors and can sometimes be hard on the eyes.

PiPiAds Review: Conclusion – Best TikTok Ads Spy Tool?

TikTok, the popular video-sharing app, has taken off in the past few years. Because of this, TikTok ads have become much more attractive. With that come spy tools like PiPiAds. So… is it the best TikTok ads spy tool? For the creators of PiPiAds, English is not their first language. There are a lot of spelling errors and broken English across the site. While it’s not a great look and can make their site appear sketchy, it is still trustworthy… enough. That stuff doesn’t matter, though. The main priority is spying on TikTok ads, which PiPiAds excels at. FINAL VERDICT: I HIGHLY recommend PiPiAds.