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What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is an all-in-one tool for Amazon sellers. Whether you are new to the Amazon market or an experienced seller, Jungle Scout can be just the right choice for your online business.The software helps to start, promote, and manage products on Amazon and expand your online store.

Jungle Scout specifications

FeaturesAmazon listing optimization / Analytics / Chrome extension / Inventory manager / Keyword research / Product database / Rank tracking / Review requests
Best suited forFreelancers, Small businesses
Website languagesChinese / Deutsch / English / French / Indian / Italian / Japanese / Spanish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatNo
Company addressAustin 2021 E 5th St, Suite 150 Austin, TX 78702 U.S.A
Year founded2015


  • Easy to use
  • Many useful features
  • Help you to save a lot of time
  • They provide courses and coaching
  • Both the browser extension and Jungle Scout web app are available for the Jungle Scout users.


  • Can be expensive for beginners
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Jungle Scout pricing: How much does Jungle Scout cost? Jungle scout subscriptions are from $49 to $129 per month. However there is also some different packages much more expensive.The difference between plans and packages is that packages include study materials as well. While the Academy seller training is also available for subscription plans, package users get the Get started checklist and access to weekly live Q&A’s and training sessions. In addition, all package purchasers get priority onboarding, even though Suite plan does not feature this.
Pricing rangeFrom $49 to $129 per month
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planNo
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeYes, 7 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

Jungle Scout pricing plans

Jungle Scout Review – Amazon seller software

Basic plan details

The price for the Basic plan billed monthly is $49. This subscription includes a single user access to browser extension. The extension is compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.This plan includes Jungle Scout features such as Opportunity Score, Product Tracker with up to 20 products, Amazon Sales Estimator with 500 estimates per month, AccuSales™ Estimates, Sales Analytics, and others. Historical product tracking and keyword data are limited to one-month timeframes.The Review Automation tool is not included, but there is an option to send requests manually via the extension.The number of listings for grading is limited to 100 per month. This plan will suit first-time users and small businesses that just started to operate their online stores on Amazon.

Suite plan details

The next plan includes all the features of the Basic subscription and a few more tools.Suite plan provides access to Opportunity Finder, Product Database, Keyword Scout, Supplier Database, Review Automation and more. The limit for Amazon Sales Estimator is increased to 1000 products per month. Product Trackers can work with up to 150 products and Listing Grader features 200 units per month.The Rank Tracker tool has a limit of 3500 keywords per month. The historical product tracking data limit is increased to 3 months, while a similar feature can track keywords dynamics for up to one year.With Suite plan, you can also add team members, which additionally costs $49 a month per a person, while the subscription itself costs $69 per month. This plan will be a good choice for sellers with some experience who want to further promote their business.

Professional plan details

The most expensive plan is called Professional and costs $129 per month. It provides access to all Jungle Scout features and priority technical support. Up to six people can use the extension without extra fees.To add more users, you have to pay extra $49 per person a month. Professional subscription provides tracking for up to 1000 products and 5000 keywords, 1500 estimates, and grading for up to 500 units a month. The historical product tracking data covers 6 months, while historical keyword data limits at the two years point.This subscription suits a professional team operating an established online business. If you choose annual subscription, the prices for plans can be reduced to up to 55%. The Basic subscription costs $349, the Suite plan $589 and the Professional plan $999.

Jungle Scout’s Packages Pricing

There are three available packages as well — Start-Up, Entrepreneur, and Freedom Builder Boot camp. The first two packages feature everything the Suite plan includes and only differ in the subscription price and duration. The Start-Up Suite costs $189 for three months, while the Entrepreneur Suite costs $349 for six months, or $69 per month.Jungle Scout Review - Best Amazon Research Tool group buy Jungle Scout Review - Best Amazon Research Tool group buy The Freedom Builder Boot camp costs $999 for twelve months and includes the features of the Professional plan, but is only available for one person instead of a team of six.Jungle Scout Review - Best Amazon Research Tool group buy


What can you do with Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout has a number of analytical and managerial tools that will help you to evaluate the current market and build your own selling strategy based on constantly refreshed data.It can offer advanced analytical features to discover the recent trends, demanded products, and popular keywords to set up your products for sale and ensure successful experience.

Product Database: Get products idea from the product database

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Firstly, there should be a product idea to start online sales. If you are unsure what product category to begin with, the product database feature of Jungle Scout can provide a range of datasets to help you navigate in the market. You can filter the products to match your business idea with a variety of filters.The Amazon products can be sorted by category, estimated sales, revenue, sales ranking, and more. With this Jungle Scout feature, you can find most suitable product ideas that match your vision of the online business and define the most profitable ones in a few clicks.The filter sets can be saved to easily access them again when needed. Jungle scout product database allows you to search for a specific niche that will suit your business most. It narrows the options to the best ideas with high demand but less competition.For instance, it directs you towards the products that attract more potential clients but have low ratings, thus creating a new unoccupied niche. However, not all of such products are inherently profitable. To help you calculate overhead costs and Amazon fees,Jungle Scout offers the FBA Profit Calculator tool. You may find this feature useful for your product research to find the right idea to invest in. 👉 Join Jungle Scout Group Buy

Product Tracker: Get products analytics and data

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Product Tracker is another Jungle Scout feature that provides in-depth data on Amazon products. The tracker offers a real-time database of currently sold Amazon products. You can search for a specific product or a group of products to track the demand. The products can be ranked based on average sales and revenue, and there is a top of best-selling products of the chosen category.You can also customize the tracking information further by creating product groups and adding the Amazon products that interest you most. The products can be instantly added to you list with a browser extension. With this Jungle Scout feature, you can track the dynamics of all the selected products and personalize the data sheets to display the parameters of your interests. In addition, you can leave notes on the tracker directly to access them at any time.There is an in-depth analytical data for each product in the database as well. You can look up a particular product to track its average daily sales, price, ranking, inventory, and other features. All these parameters are represented on graphs, which makes it easier to see the trends and track the demand on specific products. Additionally, the data can be exported in CSV format if you need to work with it further. Among other features of Jungle Scout Product Tracker, there is a customized set of recommended products and worldwide search option to provide new ideas and fresh insights for your business.

Supplier Database: Get supplier data

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Before placing your product and launching sales, the next step would be to find a reliable supplier to fulfill your business ideas. With this Jungle Scout feature, you can access the actual database of verified suppliers worldwide and see their customer volume and the number of confirmed shipments.Alike the product database tool, you can filter and search for specific suppliers that match your criteria. The suppliers can be searched by product type, brand, company, or supplier name.To provide the most suitable options for your niche, the database can be sorted to display the supplier that already produce similar products and are willing to work with new sellers and small quantities of products. There is also an option to search by ASIN to find the supplier of a specific Amazon product.Ones you define the potential supplier for your product, you can create lists of supplier with contact information and compare quotes. You can also create and manage your orders directly from the Supplier Database of Jungle Scout. The tracker saves and shows the purchase information and list of financial transactions for simpler tracking.

Average Price: Get an idea of probable price range of your upcoming product

When you search your product keyword on Amazon, this will give you the average price of the current top 10 product listings. This information may not be enough, but it will give you an idea what price range other competitors are choosing and what price range you should choose.

Keyword Scout: Find suitable keywords for your Amazon listing

Once you define the product niche and find a supplier, it is time to set your business for selling. The Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout feature helps to find suitable keywords for Amazon listings to boost sales. It searches through millions of keywords from the database to detect the best options for your product type. It also searches for competitive ASINs and creates rankings to provide the quality keywords.Jungle Scout Review - Best Amazon Research Tool group buyBesides that, the Keyword Scout also track the history of different keywords. It can display the two-year dynamics on a graph and provide quarterly and monthly data to track trends. With this feature, you can have a full image of keywords usage frequency and define their seasonality and demand in particular time intervals. This data may help you adjust your product listings to current trends to increase sales.Jungle Scout Review - Best Amazon Research Tool group buyIt is also possible to reverse-search up to 10 ASINs from your niche and perform a complex keywords research. The Keywords Scout compares the ASINs and creates a list of ranked keywords by performance. The list is based on parameters such as ad tracking, search volume trends, and PPC costs. The Keyword Scout helps to find effective keywords with low cost-per-click and define your PPC campaign in the most efficient way. 👉 Join Jungle Scout Group Buy

Listing Builder: Get instant feedback about your Amazon listing

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This is another useful feature of Jungle Scout. When the listing is complete and ready for the launch, you may want to look it up once again to assess the profitability. The Listing Builder tool can make it easier for you. This Jungle Scout feature rates your listing and provides instant feedback on the product title, description, keywords, features, images, and other factors. Listing Optimization Score can provide important insights on how to improve your Amazon ranking and increase sales.Besides that, the builder evaluates the used keywords and suggests improvements to your SEO strategy. You can either import keywords lists or use advanced search options to find suitable high-ranked or medium-ranked keywords. Jungle Scout also features synchronization to Seller Central option.

Rank Tracker: Track your competitor’s keywords and yours

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This is yet another Jungle Scout feature for keywords management. The Rank Tracker is similar to the Keyword Scout feature. It collects data about keywords performance dynamics over time and represents it in a graph. The key difference between the two Jungle Scout tools is that the Rank Tracker can show a few keywords on one graph. With this feature, you can see which keywords perform better in long-run. Moreover, it is possible to track the keywords used by your competitors.The Rank Tracker can reverse-search ASINs of other sellers and assess their performance. With this feature, you can see what high-ranked keywords are used by your business competitors and how they influence their ranking strategy. In addition, you can leave notes directly on ranking graphs and access them later from the Rank Tracker.

Promote your products with promotions and early sales

Now, with the listing ready, it is time to promote your products. With Jungle Scout, you can easily launch and manage your marketing campaign directly from the app. For instance, you can create early sales promotions to provide a head start to your listing. You can personalize the promotions and set for your target audience. This approach proved to increase engagements and increase chances of getting positive reviews early on. The promotions tool has an additional useful feature — promotion abuse prevention.With this feature, you can control the quantity of products purchased by a single buyer to prevent excessive use of promotions. This allows your campaign to get more traction and thus increase sales. In addition, it makes it easier to manage product inventory during promotion time.

Send review requests automatically

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Jungle Scout was the first to implement the Review Automation tool. This is another feature that is aimed to automate sales process and save your time. It does a single simple function, which, in fact, saves your effort for more important business tasks.Instead of sending review requests manually every time someone purchases your product on Amazon, you can set the automated reminder once. Jungle Scout will automatically send review requests to eligible buyers, while you can use the saved time on less routine tasks.The Review Automation feature provides some analytical data, too. You can track all requests and check their status in one table. The graph also shows the number of requests sent in the chosen timeframe as well as the overall number of request.If you are curious how useful this Jungle Scout feature is, you can see another table with information on the time saved by review request automation.

Inventory Manager: Manage your inventory and get analysis to lower your Amazon storage fees

Jungle Scout Review - Best Amazon Research Tool group buy The Inventory Manager is a Jungle Scout feature that helps you estimate the order size to restock your inventory. The tool does an in-depth analysis of inventory size and demand to evaluate next orders and the most suitable dates for them. There are three inventory categories: 
  • Reorder Now
  • Reorder Soon
  • Overstock
  • In Stock
The products are labeled according to inventory size, so you can immediately see which products need to be restocked. Jungle Scout calculates the quantity and date of orders as well as the cost and revenue.This helps to avoid ordering too early or too many additional units, which results in lower Amazon storage fees.With Inventory Management tool, you can access in-depth data regarding the product stocks. It analyzes revenue, cost, profit, average daily sales, and average profit per unit and shows the data in summarized tables and graphs.It can help to prevent inventory shortage, which often leads to extra costs related to rushed delivery and fulfillment delays. Adequate inventory size can positively affect customer experience and thus increase keywords ranking and Buy Box position.

Sales Analytics: Get an in-depth report about your sales and promotions

As the name suggests, this Jungle Scout feature provides analytical information on the overall performance as well as data for a single product. You can access important data such as amount of sold units, net margin, ROI, revenue, and other parameters and see their dynamics over time. You may also customize date ranges to see how different promotions and strategies affect sales.There is an option to look up a particular product by the name, ASIN, or SKU. With this tool, you can assess demand on the product, sales, costs, revenue details, and PPC campaign performance. It also provides supplier and shipment details to track when the product reaches Amazon’s fulfillment network.You may also get an overall profit and loss statement. This can be useful for revenue, hidden fees, costs, and operating expenses determination as well as taxes management. The analytics tool can calculate advertising, salaries, shipping, inventory costs, and other fees to help to optimize your PPC campaign.

Chrome extension

Jungle Scout Chrome extension Pro features

Jungle Scout Review - Best Amazon Research Tool group buy
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The research of an Amazon FBA product is easy. Get rank, sales volumes, estimated revenue without entering into the product page. 
  • Get some opportunities about the product in real time on Amazon. Get AccuSales™ estimates with historical sales and price information.
  • Get Direct Amazon insights: The Chrome extension presents sales forecasts in real time, competitive information and benefits to a product page or a search result that you can see directly on Amazon.
  • Get information about products: Check the key to the metric immediately, including the ranking of bestsellers, historic sales, historical prices and monthly sales forecasts.
  • Assess the possibility of product: Get the opportunity score about your product according to the product demand, competition and list quality.
  • Get more reviews: Ask product reviews with one click directly through the Central seller.
The Jungle scout extension is currently supported in Germany, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Italy, India, Spain and Mexico. 👉 Join Jungle Scout Group Buy


Should you use Jungle Scout for your Amazon business?

In general, Jungle Scout is a great Amazon products management tool. It has a plethora of features that make it much easier and faster to launch and manage your sales on Amazon. It has an appealing design and a simple interface, which makes it more comfortable to work with.Jungle Scout can suit virtually any user involved in small and medium business. It has a number of tools that provide in-depth market and listing analysis as well as some extra features to automate routine processes.Experienced users can enjoy all the great features of Jungle Scout to promote their products and increase sales and engagement. It is even possible to add team members and work simultaneously.Less experienced sellers can also make use of the software. It is a good option to start your business with — Jungle Scout offers some basic features that make the Amazon market much more accessible for new sellers. It can provide useful insights and analytical data to launch and promote your products even with less professional knowledge in e-commerce. Jungle Scout also offers access to Academy training for sellers where new users can learn about important aspects of product listing and promotion.Overall, Jungle Scout can be considered as reliable multifunctional tool for Amazon sellers of different levels of expertise. It is not the cheapest solution, but it can soon pay off.


Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 vs Viral Launch

Before subscribing to Jungle Scout, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the best Amazon Marketing software for your needs. You can find the Jungle Scout alternatives here.Here are some versus to compare Jungle Scout with its competitors:You might be thinking, is there a free alternative to jungle scout? Well, yes. You will find two alternatives to JungleScout. These are Helium 10 Xray and Viral launch. These are free for the first one thousand product lookups. Let’s get some ideas of Helium 10 Xray and Viral launch.Jungle Scout and Helium 10 both feature an appealing design and a simple interface. Jungle Scout has great features that offer in-depth market analysis, prelaunch preparation, listing management for any role from beginners to professionals with experience.In contrast to Helium 10’s many free tools Helium offers only ten physical products which are also less specialized than Jungle Scout’s streaming categories that can be filtered by niche or type of item sold across multiple niches/types of items listed.We can see in the table below that Jungle scout is the best Amazon FBA business software amongst its 2 opponents.Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 vs Viral Launch


Frequently Asked Questions How to use Jungle Scout?To use Jungle Scout, you’ll need to register and use their software or the chrome extension to acquire all the data and automation you need.How to cancel Jungle Scout?When you are logged in on the Jungle Scout website, click on your profile, go to your subscription settings and then click on the cancel plan button.How Jungle Scout works?They partner with Amazon and constantly scan Amazon data to provide you with accurate statistics. Through the Amazon API, they offer advanced and optimized automations.Is Jungle Scout free?Compared to its competitors, Jungle Scout does not offer a free subscription. However, you get 7 days money-back guarantee! Sometimes the company offers a discount or uses a jungle scout coupon code when it is available.Is Jungle Scout worth it?If you are new to selling products on the Amazon Marketplace or if you are an experienced seller, either way Jungle Scout will be worth it. You will get advanced statistics, automations and reminders, which will save you time and money.Is Jungle Scout accurate?The tool is accurate to a certain extent. It has its own algorithm that gives you the most profitable niches to invest in.It works by identifying trending keywords that are found on Google searches. You can then use this data to create your own list of keywords, which you can also export for further analysis.As mentioned earlier, Jungle Scout has its own algorithm that helps it generate the most profitable niches to invest in. However, because of this, there are many instances where it may not be able to accurately identify the best opportunities for investment when compared with other tools like SEMrush or SEOcockpit which have more reliable algorithms for generating profit potentials in any niche.Is Jungle Scout safe to use?Jungle Scout is an online tool that helps users find the best products to sell online. It has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on the website, which shows that it is a safe and trustworthy tool.The only downside to Jungle Scout is that it does not allow you to track your sales because they are stored in Amazon’s database. However, if you are looking for an effective tool with many benefits then this would be a good option for you to try out.Can you make money with Jungle Scout?Yes, you can make money with Jungle Scout. This software allows you to find the best keywords for your website and even create a product listing.Jungle Scout will give you a list of profitable keywords and it will show how much profit they generate for your business in an easy-to-read table. It also shows the approximate monthly revenue that each keyword would bring in as well as estimated profits per click (EPC).The last thing that is important to note about Jungle Scout is that it has a built-in backlink checker which helps uncover any potential problems before launching your product or service on the market.Which is better AMZ scout or Jungle Scout?AMZ scout is an excellent tool for finding profitable niches. It also has some other tools that are very helpful for getting started with Amazon FBA.Jungle Scout is a similar tool that also offers a free trial period. Jungle Scout’s software is much more advanced than AMZ scout and can be used to do research on competition, analyze historical data, and generate reports to help you make informed decisions about what products to sell on Amazon.Thanks for reading our jungle scout review. We have done extensive research on jungle scout and we tried our level best to display you the true picture of this product. We hope you have found this Jungle Scout review helpful. 👉 Join Jungle Scout Group Buy