In this post, we will present to you all the information you need to learn about Helium 10. Is this the ideal product for you to help you handle some of the most crucial aspects of your business? This article will also offer insights on the platform’s important features, which are ideal to use, pricing, and many more.

What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is an all-in-one Amazon FBA software that has all the necessary tools you need to help you identify trends, find high-ranking keywords, spy on your competitors, and optimize your product listings.This tool helps you save a huge amount of time and many things that you cannot even do without it. Helium 10 includes ready-made tools for keyword analysis, product search, listing building, and so much more.

Helium 10 specifications

FeaturesAmazon listing optimization / Analytics / Chrome extension / Inventory manager / Keyword research / Product database / Rank tracking
Best suited forFreelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses, Large enterprises
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatNo
Company address500 Technology Dr Suite 450, Irvine, CA 92618
Year founded2015

Our Helium 10 review All-in-one Amazon FBA and Walmart Software

Helium 10 is certainly one of the most important software that Amazon sellers can use. It has all the tools you need on a regular basis when you’re selling on Amazon or Walmart.We have used many software products in the past, but we can honestly say that it has the most value for money, thanks to all the tools available in one suite that you will need in your business.


  • You can move data around and launch a campaign in the simplest way possible
  • Excellent data analytic functions
  • Smooth user dashboard that allows you to switch back and forth between tools and combine them for optimum results
  • Reasonable and added value for money to make it work
  • Many tools are the best out there for Amazon or Walmart sellers, despite the competition
  • It has an inclusive set of Amazon tools to help sellers rank better on the platform


  • Not all the tools are set up with the same quality. Other competitors in the market work better for particular functions
  • It does not have an Amazon PPC manager
  • There are limited features on the starter plan
  • It can be a little bit expensive for new sellers
  • It has a steep learning curve

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Helium 10 Review – Helium 10 pricing: How much does Helium 10 cost?

Helium 10 begins at $39 per month, offering you limited access to the full collection of tools. However, you can mainly access their most popular tool, X-ray, which offers you details on product information. These include details on sales trends, revenue estimates, and price.Their suggested package is $99 per month, offering you keyword tracker and index tracking features.
Pricing rangeFrom $39 to $399 per month
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planYes
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeYes, 30 days
Pricing page linkSee plans
YouTube video

Helium 10 pricing plans

Helium 10 Review – Best Amazon Marketing SoftwareFortunately, Helium 10 seems to be pricing its services somewhat aggressively in a bid to stake out some of the market shares for itself. They do this by poaching people from the entrenched big boys in the market.Below are the different pricing plans you can expect from Helium 10:

Starter ($39/month)

The Starter plan is ideal for beginners. The plan comes with all the training modules and tools you need to get started as an Amazon seller. The package includes complete access to Xray but limited access to the rest of the Helium 10 tool suite.

Platinum ($99/month)

This package is ideal for growing Amazon or Walmart sellers. The Platinum plan is one of the most popular plans of all and comes with all the important tools you need to scale your growing business. You will receive a full-single user license, and it also comes with: 
  • Follow up (5,000 emails per month)
  • Alerts (300 ASINs per month)
  • Keyword tracker (2,500 keywords per month)
  • Index Checker (150 uses per month)

Diamond ($249/month)

The Diamond Plan is suitable for established Amazon sellers. It is tailored for those sellers as it has all the advanced and basic features. It also has everything in the plus plan, apart from having access to the following: 
  • Follow up (15,000 emails per month)
  • Alerts (600 ASINs per month)
  • Keyword tracker (5,000 keywords per month)
  • Index Checker (300 uses per month)
  • Multi-user login
  • Four seller central account connections
  • Unlimited use of Walmart marketplace tools
  • Inventory management unlimited SKUs

Enterprise (custom)

The enterprise plan is a tailored solution for those advanced sellers who are seeking to scale rapidly. It has everything in the Diamond plan. You’ll also receive the following benefits: 
  • Management of different clients with a single subscription
  • Added internal users for multi-user login
  • Expanded limits for keywords tracked
  • Expanded limits for market trackers for competitive intelligence
  • Expanded limits for connected accounts on Walmart and Amazon
  • APIs and bulk and custom reporting
If you are still not able to identify which plan is suitable for you, you should check your requirements first. Remember that each Amazon seller is unique, and it depends on your business model and where you currently are in your Amazon seller journey.

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Helium 10 Review – Who should use Helium 10?

Who should use Helium 10? The short answer to that is anyone. Helium 10 is designed for everybody, from beginner, intermediate, established, and advanced sellers. The ease of use and interface of the platform is designed for every type of Amazon seller.Keep in mind that Helium 10 can be used by anyone and everyone who wants to capitalize on the Amazon opportunity, from bustling enterprises to seasoned entrepreneurs or to anyone who simply wishes to become their own boss.It is also a collection of powerful SEOs, business management, and product research tools for Amazon sellers. It enables you to look for and validate product ideas, locate actionable keywords, optimize your listings and manage each facet of your business, all in one dashboard.

Helium 10 Review – Features – What can you do with Helium 10?

No one knows for certain what the “10” in Helium 10 stands for. However, it possibly refers to the number of features the product launched with. The concern today is that they have more. Here are the features you can expect from Helium 10:


Porta is in closed Beta, and customers on Elite, Diamond, and Platinum have access to Portals in closed Beta. You see, Portals is a landing page builder intended for Amazon sellers. You can utilize Portals to make any landing page for your coupon campaigns.On top of that, you don’t have to invest in another software such as ClickFunnels, which was the case before Portals was launched.

Market Tracker

This tool will help you understand the full picture of the markets you will plan to sell in. You can compare different data such as to get updates on new entrants with accurate daily metrics, spot trends, and relative performance.With all your information in one place, Market Tracker helps you get market share and remain one step ahead of the competition.

Follow-up mails

Helium 10 now has follow-up emails. Thus, there’s no need for you to use separate software that further boosts the value of the software. Keep in mind that follow-up emails are a completely automated email tool that will help you engage with your customers and get amazing reviews.


Profits is a relative newcomer to the toolkit of Helium 10. It enables you to monitor the finances of your Walmart and Amazon business. The tool features an economy dashboard, which enables you to view your financial situation at a glance.In the past, that needed separate software. Luckily, that too can be seen right away in Helium 10. Further, the too factors in complete revenue and costs to provide real profit margins at various intervals.


This tool will deliver you a notification when another seller begins selling on your listing or when your listing gets hijacked. The advantage of this is that you can respond easily if you’re experiencing these types of concerns.Do you have numerous products? Then Alerts is a must-have tool as it is nearly not possible to keep track of them all regularly.


Apart from the above tools, Misspellinator is a utility you can utilize to know if Amazon can’t automatically fix typos in a specific keyword. Buyers often make typos when they search on the Amazon website.Further, Amazon fixes most of them automatically. However, there are instances when you see typos that Amazon does not correct and that people are still looking. Those could be put on the backend, enabling you to get added organic sales with the least effort.

Refund Genie

Refund Genie is a convenient tool to find your damaged or lost inventory, which should be reimbursed by Amazon. Typically, Amazon deals with those automatically, but mistakes could occur when Amazon moves products from one fulfillment center to another.Keep in mind that this tool tries to determine situations that have passed the automated process of Amazon. The program will systematically produce reports that you could send to Amazon, and they will provide a refund correspondingly.

Inventory Protector

This Helium 10 tool is a trivial one that sets the limit on many goods that could be bought at a time by people, so you do not have your inventory criticized away throughout coupon promotions.

Keyword Tracker

This tool presents you what the keyword ranking of your product. You add to the tool a single keyword or keyword list and the ASIN you wish to monitor. Then, the program will start displaying your keyword ranking.Also, rankings are also important information for an Amazon seller, as rankings identify how a product sells. For instance, if you’re on the first page, you can think that the good sells well if other products are okay with the listing and product.

Index Checker

Index Checker is a utility that you can utilize to determine which keywords of your product listings Walmart or Amazon has indexed. It suggests that the goods can be discovered in the first place when a buyer conducts a product search on the marketplace.Let’s say you sell dog food. If your product ASIN isn’t found in the Amazon index with the keyword “dog food,” then your product will not show in the search results at all when the customer looks for that search term.That is a totally bad thing, as you cannot get any sales for that specific keyword if it does not appear in the search results.Take note that you can physically check if your product listing is indexed. Enter the ASIN code of the product and desired keyword in the search box and search. If the item shows in the search results, then the indexing is completely fine.


This is another tool for processing keywords in different ways. The concept is to locate all those unique keywords in the big keyword list that you add to your final list of keywords. After you get that list done, you can immediately copy it to the Helium 10 listing Scribbles.


Scribble is another Amazon listing software. It is designed to help you make an Amazon product listing. After you make a keyword list with Frankenstein, you add the list into Scribbles. It eliminates the keyword from that list, what you have utilized for either a description, bullet points, or title.In that way, you can easily see which keywords you still need t include in the listings and which keywords you have already utilized. That saves you a huge amount of time when you make your product listing.


Magnet is an excellent keyword finder tool. Remember that keywords are essential as Amazon sales are based on keywords rankings. Simply put, the higher you rank with a keyword, the more sales you will obtain.You also need to know what keywords you’re putting in your product listing, and this tool will help you get the most relevant keywords for your items that increase your sales. Magnet is one of the essential tools of Helium 10 along with Cerebro.


Cerebro is considered a reverse ASIN tool. However, what does that suggest in practice? Cerebro retrieves all the keywords for that ASIN ranking between 1-300 in the Amazon search results by entering the ASIN number.With this tool, you can easily outline your competitors with all the keywords on Amazon’s first page. It is essential information, as those are the keywords that competitors are employing to make their sales.Therefore, Cerebro is utilized to look for keywords, but in the opposite way of “normal” and thus the name “reverse.” Normally, a keyword is searched for, and a list of keywords associated with the search term is acquired.Merging the results of Magnet and Cerebro create a detailed list of the most crucial keywords for a product.


Trendster is an excellent tool for Amazon or Walmart for goods that are gaining in popularity. You see, seasonal products are a huge business in Amazon and could be a good addition to your whole product portfolio.Nonetheless, playing with those seasonal products needs a bit more expertise in the Amazon business. That’s why we do not suggest them as your initial products.

Black Box

Black Box is another tool you can use for product search. Many Amazon sellers utilize the tool to search for a product to sell on Amazon. Take note that this tool enables you to look for products in different ways with various filters and search criteria. In that way, you can easily find lucrative products that are worth sourcing.

Helium 10 Gems

This is a free service through which you can easily produce a series of super URLs. Making those URLs manually is a challenging task. It’s challenging to prevent making mistakes. You provide only the URL parameters, and the service produces a ready-to-go URL.

Helium 10 ADS

This tool monitors your PPC performance 24/7. That allows you to make the most out of your return on ad spend and concentrate more on selling. ADS is accessible in Elite and Diamond membership.

Helium 10 Review – Conclusion

Helium 10 Review – Why you should use Helium 10?

To sum up, Helium 10 is certainly the new king when it comes to software for Amazon sellers. We have been amazed at the selection of functionality accessible in the platform.Other platforms like Jungle Scout took years of development to get where they are today, but Helium 10 seemed to have jumped straight to the front to play with the giant companies.We can say that Helium 10 is worth all the hype because it comes with all the advanced and essential features you need to be a successful Amazon seller. Whether you’re a growing, beginner, or an advanced seller, Helium 10 is your go-to platform.Apart from those solid features and tools, Helium 10 comes with comprehensive training materials and resources. The great part of this is that it comes with the Freedom Ticket Amazon course with each plan it provides.In addition to that, you will find a plethora of guides and resources accessible to help you perfect the modules and tools.

Helium 10 Review – What are the advantages of Helium 10?

Here are some of the advantages you will get when you use Helium 10:

Get monthly training with the best industry experts

Did you know that Helium 10 is intended for sellers who want to get an advantage over their competitors in every possible way, from net profits to product branding?Each month, Helium 10 hosts different training sessions along with the best industry experts. They talk about the best methods for sellers to propel their business to success.

Join a private Facebook group

Helium 10 has a personal group for all its Elite members. There, they help one another grow by talking about the best hacks and strategies to sell their products. Furthermore, the members could even engage directly with the platform’s founders.That group is intended for rockstar sellers who are professionals at what they do. Still, anyone with the Elite plan can enter and participate in the group.

Zoom network meetings and interviews  

Zoom network meetings offer a way for more opportunities as member networks with one another. They offer each other counsel and advice on how to sell their products in the best manner possible.They also do that by doing interviews by asking sellers about the weakness and strengths of their business. That way, everybody learns something from one another, and everybody wins.

Get quarterly workshops

Those quarterly workshops are an excellent way for members to network and connect with one another. Thus, that offers a rise to new business opportunities.You see, the pandemic has influenced the way members can network. That’s why Helium 10launched an online networking session for their members to connect.

Get first access to new tools

Helium 10 keeps launching and updating new tools. Elite users now have access to four seller accounts apart from other essential benefits and first access to the newest Helium 10 tools.How awesome is that?If you wish to learn more about this Walmart and Amazon software, feel free to talk to our team through live chat. 

Helium 10 Review – Helium 10 Alternatives

Before subscribing to Helium 10, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the best amazon marketing software for your needs. You can find the Helium 10 alternatives here.

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