The desire and search for creating content that will cause the permanence of people, give links to the site, and attract a great number of promoters can be really potential. However, the best information is always found in the achievements of other people. This post aims at unveiling BuzzSumo review as a useful content marketing tool. Rank Market intends to be a formal review of the tool: by describing its features, its uses, and its potential cost beyond an individual endeavor, it enables you to apply effective content strategies in your work. 

What is BuzzSumo ? 

BuzzSumo can be described as a system for content research for marketers and content creators located in the cloud. It tackles three key challenges faced by content strategists: such as: identifying the topics of conversation that are popular at the moment, identifying users that are likely to be involved in the topics, and analyzing competitors’ content. 

BuzzSumo Review

BuzzSumo opted for a 5-year database; therefore, it provides a great number of features to build, optimize, and evolve your content strategy. Imagine this: This is the keyword you got by using an SEO tool such as Semrush for your website or web page. Plug it into BuzzSumo and within seconds, you get a list of the best performing articles that are getting the most shares for the given keyword. These high-performing pieces become your starting point, giving you ideas and actual examples of content you can create yourself. 

Company Information of BuzzSumo 

Although this review discusses the features of BuzzSumo, it became known about the specifics of the company that created it. BuzzSumo Company was established in the year 2014 and the Physical Company Address is in United Kingdom.

For instance, looking at its record of funding, one notices that the intention was to be organic with the last round of funding referred to as a Seed round. From the above information it can be inferred that BuzzSumo has strategically invested in internal development and user recruitment for it to occupy its current market status. 

Key Features of BuzzSumo

Thus, besides having a good background for the company and excluding the buyout of ads and paid promotions, BuzzSumo has an essential number of tools for the promotion of contents. Here’s a closer look at the functionalities that empower content creators and marketers:Here are some of the basic attributes that are useful to the content creators and marketer:

Content Discovery:

  • Evergreen & Trending Ideas: BuzzSumo doesn’t leave you at the mercy of the trends of viral . Discover the most popular stories for hot topics now or find eternal narratives with material ranging from 1 day to 5 years.
  • SEO Insights: Taking a look at high ranking content, BuzzSumo provides an opportunity to look at the overview of most popular keywords, outline the structure, the subheadings of some headlines as well as content of the best performing pieces.
  • Real Questions: Means do not assume what people would like to know. Thus, use BuzzSumo to extract insights from the thousands of questions that arise on forums, which serves as a rich source of content ideas that align with users’ needs.
  • Distribution Tips: Hereby, content sharing is as significant as content creation, because content sharing is the second half of the process as well. It enlightens you with details on areas where you should share content for it to generate set engagement level. 
Content Discovery

Content Research:

  • Data-Powered Content Creation: This tool stays busy indexing the web and social networks to be your go-to content discovery tool. Find out the content that is most shared within your topic of interest and with scientific support.
  • World’s Largest Social Engagement Index: Has catalogs containing 5 billion articles that would help to find the material, which would be interesting to the target audience to the maximum extent.
  • Identifying Top Formats: That is, not all string S can be used to form content, as content is defined above. That means that within BuzzSumo you can filter by content type, which shows you what kinds of content – articles, infographics, videos – get your audience most riled up.
  • Competitive Benchmarking: With domain searches one is also able to see the content of the competitor in the best mood through the best videos.
  • Historical Performance Data: Do not work in isolation This guideline holds the idea that for an employee to carry out his or her work, he or she has to involve other workers This cre means that none of the workers should be alone. Put the five years of content performance that BuzzSumo has gathered to work by seeing how your strategies and specific pieces of content stack up against others.
Content Research

Influencer Identification: 

  •  Meaningful Influencer Metrics: Do not stand by counting the number of people, Now it is followers number they will be twisting it into followers number. Last but not the least; for the engagement of the people, BuzzSumo informs you the real influencer and not a creation of much noise. 
  •  Extensive Influencer Database: Thus, BuzzSumo has a list of thousands of influencers and you can choose the proper persons for your brand message. 
  •  Competitor Analysis: Stay on observing the best and the worse to know how it should be done, and how it should not be done. Find out how your competitors are operating in the aspects of influencer marketing. 
  •  Power Sharers: In this case, it may be significant to identify the thought leaders of today in the niche of discussing the contents of a competitor. This will establish who the influencers that one can collaborate with by inputting the segment of the marketplace in the ‘ ‘BuzzSumo Influencer Search by Shared’ ‘ and what will come up is the potential companions in that segment. 
Influencer Identification


  •  Brand Advocacy: Be in a position to monitor the occasions whenever your brand is an issue in order to articulate a response to the subjects; in this way, in case the brand image is positive then it will be spread over the social markets. 
  •  Industry Awareness: In order to be well positioned within your market, these subjects of interest have to be monitored and always be ready for what is trendy within the market. 
  •  Competitive Tracking: It is here that interconnected pieces of advice are directed to mature businessmen: do not overestimate your competitors, and do not disregard them. Thus, using BuzzSumo, you can control competitors and thus provide an opportunity to exert some kind of control over content with some higher steps. 
  •  Product Insights: Make sure you monitor such conversations that people have, those that are ongoing and those which are future, you can use the products to get an insight of what consumers have to say. 


Having considered that BuzzSumo possesses a broad choice of tools, it’s possible to pass to the subsequent step and estimate the cost of the application and prospective tariffs.  BuzzSumo offers tiered pricing, catering to a range of users, from individual marketers to large agencies:As it has been seen that BuzzSumo has no fixed pricing plans thus in can suit a number of customers starting from a simple marketer to a large company: 


Content Creation ($199/month):  

This plan is ideal for the small-scale marketer, or a particular team that desires to transform the distribution of content to the next level.  In addition to price downloads, it provides ALL 7 core features including the number of searches allowed, search tools, and competitor analysis.  However, this module is only available for one user and offers only two types of monitoring alerts.  

PR & Comms ($299/month): 

In referring to this plan, it is important to understand that it is intended for the PR and communication teams that operate at agencies.  It escalates the number of users up to 5 and the capacity to share the information on content search and tracing.  In addition, it also raises the number of monitoring alerts into number five.  

Suite (Most Popular, $499/month):  

The current bestseller, described as Suite plan, is geared towards marketing departments of global brands and marketing agencies.  It gives access to up to ten users that means the team will be able to include all the procedures of the content research and the identification of the influencers.  The monitoring alert cues are also increased up to ten.  

Enterprise ($999/month): 

As it can be seen, none of the known brands would maximize the number of users for the Enterprise plan. It provides access to full features of the BuzzSumo for 30 users such as 50 monitoring alert features are also added in this package.   


To sum up, the perks offered by BuzzSumo in their package cover all your business needs and your wallet.  Some of the things that you need to think about are the number of people who are going to be involved in the team for the delivery of the content marketing, the features that you want to be included in the plan, and the frequency you are going to evaluate all the activities that are going to be conducted in the context of content.  

Who is BuzzSumo Used for? 

BuzzSumo is a cloud-based content research tool used by a variety of marketing and content creation professionals, including:Hence the most critical optimization strategy for this cloud-based research application would be to ensure that, the marketing and sales employees, as well as any other employee who is involved with research, writing, or the developmental phases of content creation use the BuzzSumo tool. 

Marketers: Particularly, those that concern content marketing as an individual category of marketing. It assists in the establishment of what the audiences want, knowledge of rivals and eventually making a step further to finding voices and contacting them in new and plural spheres for the purpose of distributing content.   

Content Creators: For instance, with the help of BuzzSumo, Bloggers, YouTubers and other content creators may use it to guess what type of content will most likely fir given the shares, views and other engagements, follow the […] content – which is at the moment most popular – to study the techniques employed and see what questions people most frequently type into the search engines.   

PR and Communications Professionals: For instance, it may be to track others’ stories about the brand, people to talk to in media or even happenings within the overall market.   

SEO Specialists: As the breakdown of specific keywords on the basis of high-ranking contents and the identification of these specific keywords by BuzzSumo shows, it can be utilized by SEOs in content marketing.   

Agencies: Marketing and PR agencies can optimally deploy the following BuzzSumo divisions They include the following: Campaign topics for the client Campaigns, Competition, Influencer search, Media. 

Advantages of BuzzSumo 

Effortless Navigation: Thus, one can conclude that such constituents as an easy to use interface can be named as the most popular benefits which can be attributed to BuzzSumo.. Thus, BuzzSumo remains the most friendly platform for use as compared to other content marketing platforms that require users to undergo a learning process. Such features can be easily mastered by any new user, and they can start profiting from it almost instantly.

Content Brainstorming Powerhouse: We can boldly and categorically declare the new tool that has been introduced called, Ideas Generation tool as a game changer. It facilitates the varied overall workflow pertaining to content generation ranging from research to planning. 

Influencer Marketing Made Easy: Again identifying the right influencers is not an easy thing. Entrepreneurs do not need to worry about social media influencers because BuzzSumo offers great tools to help spot them. Having hundreds of thousands of individuals in the database, you can find suitable influencers and plan the appeal to the target audience.

Homepage BuzzSumo

Disadvantages of BuzzSumo 

Despite the numerous evident advantages, customer support seems to be a major issue of BuzzSumo. When one develops a problem or has certain questions, the receipt of proper help might not be as easy.

Cost Can Be a Barrier: In conclusion, it can be said that despite many positive aspects that concern the application of BuzzSumo, its cost may become an essential issue for many of the customers. Forerunner companies that fall within the category of small business and freelance workers, cost may be a big issue due to the amount of money charged.

How To Use BuzzSumo 

Content Analyzer:

Access Point: It is recommended that you change your location on BuzzSumo to ‘Most Popular Content’. This loads the Content Analyzer.

Enhanced Insights: There is ‘Free Account ‘to make people have some feel of it and the ‘Full Account ‘to make people have every detail about it. You will be given backlinks to the content, followers in social networks, statistics of several of the posts/entries and your keyword.

Content Analyzer

Question Analyzer: 

Conversely, meeting the basic real needs translates to everyone having something to look forward to in life, which will mean that their real needs are being met; hence the importance of portray this positively in media productions.

Location: In particular, the question analyzer is located at the BuzzSumo site directly on the question tab.

Discover Questions

Unveiling User Queries: This application has heaps of actual questions asked by actual users incorporated into the application. This way you will be able to see the actual phrases people enter in the search engine, pertaining to topics concerning your subject.

SEO Powerhouse: The rationale behind using these questions for your content development is that you are, in effect, answering the actual pain and wants of your audience. This may go a long way to enhance the aspect of your search engine optimization or SEO in case you may have a running campaign .

Sum Up 

In sum, BuzzSumo doesn’t only allow content creators to take full control and be able to discover what the internet is discussing at the present time and what they perhaps will be interested in creating content about in the future but also able to locate influencers. Nevertheless, it has their unique advantage and disadvantage. At the end of the day, it all depends on whether the core features of BuzzSumo will not only have more advantages than the possible disadvantage for the specific purpose you intend to use it for.

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